Community Options

Community Options provides skill building, support, and resources for people 18 years of age and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Participate fully in your community as a valued and contributing citizen. Contact us for more information regarding community options and referrals.

Community Participation Supports

Connect to your community with person-directed services

Community Participation Supports are based on the principles of self-determination, social inclusion, citizenship, and choice. Fee for service opportunities are available for those who would like to purchase support. Services may include:

Employment Readiness

Find meaningful ways to contribute to the community and/or earn money through volunteer and employment opportunities.

People work with a Direct Support Professional to discuss their goals, participate in assessments to determine current skills and abilities, and develop the necessary skills to meet their volunteer or employment goals.

Fee for service opportunities are available for those who would like to purchase support.

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Adult Respite

Adult Respite is a resource for people 18 years of age and older and their families with Respite funding.

Services for people suported and their families may include:

Individualized Funding Brokerage

Support for people and families in managing individualized funding such as Passport funding.

Brokerage support ensures all reporting, procedures, and accountability required by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services are met. A 10% administration fee will apply.

Services available to people and their families who choose to have their funds brokered by CLRN include:

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Person Directed Planning

Person Directed Planning is offered on a fee for service basis for people who are not connected to an agency that provides this service.

Over a thirty-eight-hour period, a facilitator will engage with the person requiring support and relevant family members or loved ones to develop a profile from engagement and observation, facilitate a series of planning meetings, develop a person-directed plan, and an implementation process with appropriate connections and resources to implement it. The service also includes securing and leveraging available resources, supports, and funding.

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Community Living & Respite Northumberland is a not-for-profit, charitable organization with a mandate to provide support to individuals with an intellectual disability.